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Descripción de Kimber PepperBlaster II - Gray – Comprar Desde USA

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  • Travels 13 feet in 1/10th of a second.
  • No blowback, drifting or loss of pressure.
  • Eyeglasses and even ski masks won't stop it.
  • Just point and shoot.
  • NO MAIL ORDER SALES TO CA, NY, MA, WI, DC. May be restricted/regulated in HI. Not allowed on airplanes or for export out of the US.

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The PepperBlaster II features an ergonomic pistol grip along with front and rear sights to increase the likelihood of hitting an assailant with the exceptionally powerful OC mixture capable of incapacitating the assailant for up to 45 minutes. A second reserve shot is available as needed. PepperBlaster II pyrotechnic drive blasts the OC out at 90 mph, greatly reducing the chance of contaminating anyone other than your target. Features: - 90 MPH blast hits target instantly - Debilitates for 45-60 minutes - Just point & shoot - Right or left hand, from any angle - No blowback, drifting, or loss of pressure - Ergonomic grip - Wrist strap attachment - Pyrotechnic power drive - Swing-away trigger guard - Rear sight/Front sight - 2 Charge nozzles This unit is not reusable and should be properly disposed of once both shots are discharged. Measures: 4.7" L x 1.0" W x 3.3" H Content: Two 0.21 oz. non-refillable cartridges containing of a 10% solution of liquid OC (2.4% capsaicinoids)

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